Why Exercise makes you Feel Happy

Have you ever wondered why exercise makes you feel happy? A lot of people have claimed that they feel relaxed and happy after a period of working out. Scientists have taken it upon themselves to understand and explain this phenomenon. Studies have shown that people who exercises are happier compared to those who do not exercise. A study done in Nottingham Trent University suggested that the chemical Phenylethylamine is responsible for this reaction. The scientists who carried out this experiment suggested that Phenylethylamine is an anti-depressant which is responsible for the elevated happiness in people who exercise. The chemical is naturally produced in the body and had been directly linked to attention, mood and physical energy. People who are not depressed usually have a high level of Phenylethylamine and phenylacetic acid which is a chemical that results from enzymatic action on the latter. This is proof that the two chemicals are related to state of happiness and depression in an individual. The level of phenylacetic acid increases up to 77% after an individual has undergone exercise. This is the main reason why people who exercise are a lot happier.

How The Experiement Was Performed

The experiment was carried out on twenty healthy men who were around the age of 22 years. The men were each subjected to at least four hours of both moderate and extreme aerobic and anaerobic exercises. However, before the commencement of the study, all men refrained from exercising and a sample of their urine was taken to test the level of phenylacetic acid. This is the most accurate method of testing the levels of the acid in the body. They were then requested to run on a treadmill for up to 70% of their heart rate for 30 minutes. 70% was chosen because it is at this level where moods are believed to change. It was also a requirement for the men to describe or rate how hard they found the exercise to be. This was a very crucial step of the experiment because it marked the baseline of the research. The whole story can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/1565230.stm

Control Group Vs Phenylacetic Acid Group

When the urine samples were analysed, it was found that the phenylacetic acid in 18 men increased while the level of increase was low in two of the men. The phenylacetic acid levels were seen to be high in the men that rated the exercise as hard and low in those who rated the exercise as not very hard. This goes to show that the intensity and level of physical activity id directly proportional to the level of phenylacetic acid which contributes to mood change on an individual. Exercise is therefore positively related with a happy mood.

Increase In Mood, Happier Subjects

According to the researchers that conducted this experiment, there are many factors that might have contributed to the response that they noticed with Phenylacetic acid. This they said is because phenyl acetic acid is a chemical that has a similar structure to amphetamines. They also explained that the chemical might be related to the runners high phenomenon which is linked to the endorphin activity in the brain which is a natural response. However, they explained the importance of phenylacetic acid by differentiating it from endorphins. They stated that the main difference between the two is the fact that endorphins cannot pass from the blood to the brain but phenylacetic acid can. This might explain why there are mood changes at different levels of phenylacetic acid.

Exercise Can Work Similarly

Dr Ellen Billet told BBC news that they found a relationship between exercise and phenylacetic acid. She also said that a drug containing the chemical has been seen to be highly effective in patients suffering from depression. There is however a lot of research that needs to be done on the same subject in order to determine whether different types of exercises have the same impact on phenylacetic acid levels or not. A mental health charity spokesman also added by saying that there is a positive relationship between physical exercise and treating mental health problems. The two therefore encouraged both healthy and mentally ill individuals to exercise on a regular basis because exercise is good not only for improved moods but also in improvement of the general health of a person.

See Another Study Here

In conclusion, the results from the experiment did not conclude that phenylacetic acid is responsible for causing happiness after exercise but they suggested that further experiments and research be done so as to conclude the true effect that exercise has on phenylacetic acid in order to draw conclusive results. Another study was undertaken from NBCI: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1724404/


Pros And Cons Of Bicycling

Cycling is one of the most accessible sports that increase cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system and increases your overall health, however with this cycling does come with its own low-impact drawbacks. Cycling is also one of the better ways to stay in shape now-a-days and it also makes it very efficient way to get around for those who cannot afford a car or those who are very conscious about the earths ozone layer. We have compiled a list of pro’s and cons comparing the goods and bads of cycling and visually see which one outweighs the other.


Pros Of Cycling

Feasibilitybicycling is healthy for both the mind and body

Bicycling is one the most easiest sports to get into, and an activity that most people learn to do even as children. Even if you haven’t ridden a bike in years or what feels like forever, your muscle memory kicks in and enables you to get back onto a bike feeling like you have been riding a bike consistently for the past 10 years! To get started is also extremely easy, whether you need training wheelsor you get the hang of it from the first few go’s riding a bike is fairly simple. You just need to apply a little bit of balance and you will start feeling the ride much more naturally.

The Health Benefits Are Many

Cycling carries many health benefits that include: strengthened cardiovascular muscle, increase muscle strength and flexibility, increased joint mobility, decreased stress levels, improved coordination and posture, decrease body fat levels, increase immune system, reduced anxiety and depression.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you are one of those kinds of people that are very conscious about the earths environment and the state of the ice glaciers. Then choosing bicycling as a mode of transportation is great for you. Not only are you helping reduce emissions but you are also giving yourself a great exercise while also helping your mental mind.

Cons Of Cycling


Serious Accidents Can Happen

It is rare for those that leisurely ride around to get into an extreme accident, but these things do still happen. Accidents may involve crashing into cars, pedestrians, or just caused by going to fast and impurities on the road you are riding on. To avoid serious injuries from these kinds of accidents are to ensure that you are wearing protective gear such as a helmet – which protects one of the most important parts of your body, your head.

The fresh air outdoor rejuvinates the mindBicycle Theft Is A Real Danger

Unfortunately for the majority of us there are very bad people out there that are willing to steal anything without a doubt. Especially when they see a bike unattended they will try to steal it as bikes are valuable. However preventing your bike from being stolen is easy, you just need to buy a bike lock and attach it to something sturdy, something that is already solid to the ground. So even if the stealer were to go and rip the bike off from the lock they wont be able to since the anchor is stuck to the ground. Another method of reducing the impact of theft is renting a bike instead of buying one. When I went to San Diego I found a great place to rent bikes. Check out synaptic Cycle’s road bike rental service in Orange County if you’re ever in that area.


Overall the pros of bicycling heavily outweighs the cons, as you are not only benefiting yourself but you are also benefiting the world.

9 Caring ways Of Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Everyone wants a skin that is fabulous and young looking. We all dread having a skin that is wrinkled, especially when this happens at a young age. Pre-mature aging of the skin is something that people do whatever it takes just so as not to have that condition develop on their skin. A radiant, young-looking a swell as fabulous skin is the pride of many people. It is because of this reason that we are going to have a look at ways one can make use of in ensuring that he or she has a skin of one’s dreams – a skin to be admired by many.

Special attention ought to be given to the skin in order to give it right care and protection from damage. The following are some of the recommendable things to do in taking care of your skin:

  1. Prevent the skin from damage from the sun sleeping is healthy and improves skin

Sunscreen can quite appropriately be said to be the fountain of youth. It is advisable to get into a habit of applying lotion or sunscreen on a daily basis. It is also worth noting that the rays of the sun have the potential of damaging during the months of winter because the sun reflects off the snow. In case one does not like taking time so as to put both the sunscreen and moisturizer, he or she ought to buy a moisturizer with sunscreen.

  1. Wash the face both in the morning and in the evening

This is a very important step and one which a person must remember to do. It is appropriate to use a facial cleanser in order to wash one’s face. A sponge as well as a flannel can also be used. Washing the face using a cleanser assists one in getting rid of any spots that may be on the skin.

  1. Exfoliate the body for skin that is soft

Exfoliation of the skin for soft skin can also be done. It, however, ought to be noted that it is not advisable to use walnut shells because these are likely to result into micro tears. Plastic microbeads should also be avoided because they do pollute the environment. One can alternatively experiment different methods in order to know precisely what works for an individual.

  1. Have a lifestyle that is healthy

If a person is smoking, he or she should quit the ill behaviour immediately. There are few usual things that age the skin as tobacco does. Additionally, one should consume a diet that is healthy that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. Stress ought to be well managed.

One can make use of a moisturizer as it replaces the natural minerals and moisture that one has washed away while washing his or her face. For men this can be especially troubling, especially if they’re battling acne. If this is you, take a look at one of the best acne treatment for men.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water keeps one in a hydrated condition. Failure of keeping hydrated makes one’s body suck out moisture from the skin in order to give this moisture to the body. The result is a dry skin that may also be having spots. Breakouts may also be encouraged.

  1. Eat a lot of foods that are rich in vitamin Coranges are full of healthy vitamin c


Examples of vitamin C enriched foods are: bananas, strawberries and other such fruits that have high levels of vitamins C, D and E.

  1. Ensure that you get plenty of physical exercises during the week

It is appropriate to work out and sweat from time to time. This is healthy for both a person’s skin as well as overall body. An individual also gets tired in a good way thus when it comes to sleeping, he or she is able to sleep soundly.

  1. Obtain sufficient sleep

For teenagers, they are supposed to have around eight to ten hours of sleep. Adults on the other hand need around eight hours of good quality sleep. Failure of obtaining enough sleep makes one feel tired all day long. One consequently develops bags beneath the eyes. This does not make a skin that looks healthy.

  1. Avoiding putting on make-up

As much as make-up may make one’s skin look healthy, it quite contrary makes the skin become terrible. Make-ups give an individual spots and may also encourage a lot of breakouts. This is absolutely not pretty at all.

Tips On Healthy Eating, Exercise and Supplements

Tips On Healthy Eating, Exercise and Supplements

Have you ever found yourself humiliated especially by the increasing pounds around your body? This can be annoying especially if you want to fit in a particular dress or want to turn up for some casual event. However, this is not even the worst part. There are millions of people dying year after year because of poor weight management. This is a tragedy that can hit any of us for as long as the right principles are not followed. There is need to take precautions and this can only be done with good dieting, exercising and supplements such as Garcinia  hydroxycitric acid capsulesCambogia.

Exercise Does Not Have An Age Requirement

No one is too old to exercise. This is exactly what the body needs from time to time, and if done with the right combination of meals, then you are safe. Nowadays there is much to learn about the healthy foods as this can be easily found online or through resourceful healthy books. When it comes to healthy eating, there are a lot of things to be considered such as:

Top Tips For Losing Weight

  • Take in plenty of water. It is much better than sodas or even alcohol. In most cases, a slice of lemon in hot water is a good remedy on a daily basis and it should be done in the morning. Water does not have side effects to the body and being a natural detoxifying agent, it’s much better to take as much as possible since it’s the only way to get rid of harmful toxins from the body.
  • While eating, ensure that you do it much slowly. Racing through the meals does not help and it can also interfere with the digestion system. The brain normally needs 20 minutes for a signal and if this is not done, chances are you can end up overeating and sadly, you will feel hungry again.
  • Whole grains are always the best option. Apart from giving you a fuller kind of feeling, they can help a lot in the process of digestion.
  • Embark on aerobics. These exercises are heart friendly and will always make your heart smile if that is the case. Aerobics will also bring about leaner muscles and eventually get rid of the body fats. These exercises generally increase the metabolic rate and this is what everyone needs for a healthy body system.
  • While eating, a good number of people make the mistake of eating while the TV is on. This is unhealthy because you can end up eating much more, after all the attention is much on the TV and you will not have an idea of what you are eating. If you’re going to eat in front of the TV, remember a fat burning supplement such as Garcinia Cambogia. If this is what you’re going to do, remember to do some reading on the various forms of garcinia cambogia extract
  • Make use of fruits on a daily basis. Though some of them have high content of sugar level, it’s important to have at least 2 servings on a daily basis. You can use them as a dessert or simply snacks. Fruits are known to detoxify the body and can as well enhance the rejuvenating process thereby leaving your skin supple and toned.
  • Vegetables are also essential. if you are having the vegetables juice, it is much better to use the vegetables as well since they are rich in fiber and will therefore keep away the cases of constipation . Vegetables come in varieties and its only much better to eat as much as you can especially during the lunch and dinner hours. At that time when you are hungry, it feels much better to use the vegetables as they will fully nourish your body.

natural garcinia cambogiaStaying Healthy Summarized

Exercising is a good natural way of keeping healthy. You have to be motivated all the time and fix the right targets that will keep you motivated. Being patient with yourself also helps a lot especially when you have just begun.   Make it a habit to conduct aerobics as much as you can as it can shed off the extra pounds and also enable your body to have a balanced circulation system. Good dieting and exercises is usually a way out for all those who want to live longer and fulfilling lives. It is important to always watch out for what you need in terms of food, fatty meals and those with sugar will never play the trick as they help the body to gain weight.

Flabby Arm Jiggle – How to Beat it?

Just because you are holding excess flab on your arms it does not mean that you cannot get rid of it. Varying your exercise routine and making some simple dietary changes will help you a lot to beat arm jiggle.

1. You should add thirty minutes of aerobic exercise

Now, it is a great time to start if you’re not doing any cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis. Your aerobic exercises should be for thirty to sixty minutes of cardiovascular exercise five to six days per week in order to burn fat all over your body and the most important to beat arm jiggle. There was a study in which they found that study participants lost almost the same amount of body fat when they implemented aerobic exercise of thirty or sixty minutes every day.

2. You should participate in interval training

By adding interval training into your workout routine, it may result in considerable arm-fat loss. Also, there was a study about high-intensity interval training, where alternating short periods of high-intensity exercise with recovery sessions at lower intensities were just for twenty minutes, 3 days per week as a successful fat-loss strategy.

3. You should perform Resistance Exercises of Upper-Body

Although it is difficult to decrease body fat in just 1 area of your body, taking part in upper-body resistance training on a regular basis decreases arm fat. That was shown in a study in Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, published in 2007. Work every muscle group 2 to three 3 days per week, and also perform 2 to 4 sets of eight to twenty repetitions for every exercise.

All the upper body exercises that help you to beat arm jiggle and work your triceps, biceps, shoulders and upper back include triceps extensions, arm curls, triceps kickbacks, chest press, push-ups, front raises, shoulder press, lateral raises, bent-over rows, bent-over deltoid raises and upright rows.

4. You should make delicate dietary changes

You can make to help beat arm jiggle with subtle dietary changes such as boosting dietary protein, lowering your general caloric intake and cutting out extra sugar. In The Journal of Nutrition – the study that was published in 2011, it was found that those who ate slightly fewer calories, exercised regularly and consumed 30% of their total calories from protein, such as protein from calcium-rich dairy foods, they lost a lot more weight and body fat and also maintained more lean muscle in comparison to participants who were consuming lower amounts of protein.

Foods that you should include in your fat-loss diet contain those rich in protein, such as low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat milk, reduced-fat cheese, plain Greek yogurt, seafood, lean poultry, soy products, egg whites, nuts, legumes and seeds. Also, pick a plenty of fiber-rich vegetables, such as broccoli, leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, asparagus and green beans. Take also the whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain couscous and oatmeal rather than white rice, white bread, commercial baked goods, crackers and other sweets.

5. Considerations if You Have Loose Skin

You should talk with your doctor if you have lost a significant amount of weight, after you have reached your goal weight, and your arm jiggle is because of loose, saggy skin. So you should talk to your doctor about ways to get rid of it. People with significant weight losses have a need of skin removal surgery in order to get rid of excess skin that was caused by extreme weight loss.

What You Need to Know About Types of Juicers

What You Need to Know About Types of Juicers

There is nothing better than buying a juicer that will best meet your unique needs, and is also versatile in all ways. You want to save money, but you also want the juicer that will help you achieve a healthy life long term. The first thing you need to consider is the quality of juicer, this is irrespective of the brand you prefer to use. In fact, based on utility value of the machine so should you choose the type that you will be using. It does not matter whether for commercial purpose or for home use, quality still remains king.

 Juicers Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

The best thing is that there are different types of juicers on the market today that you can always go for. These include; the centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, twin gear juicers, hydraulic juicers, and manual juicers. The other one that is equally great is the vertical single gear j gooseberries in the sunuicers. All these come at affordable prices, and if you do your homework well then you can get one at the best of possible prices. Your health is important but so is your wallet.

 The Vertical Kind

The vertical juicer has revolutionized the juicing process, and it uses the latest technology on the market today. These types contain great features and are easy to use, and the best thing is that you do not need to be tech savvy to understand the abc’s of the features they contain. They are known to have a high utility value and best suited for home use. As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong if you make it your choice. More information on the Top Juicers here

 The Twin Gear One

It is important to note that the twin gear juicers will always offer you value for your money. Apart from having reliable features, this can deliver high quality juice within no time. In most cases, these types operate on less than 200 RPM. Based on this fact, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are not destroyed. If you want to get the highest yield, then these types are the better option.


In comparison with the other juicers, their functionality rate is unmatched. It also has a large volume, and so this is something that will always be recommended for large families. As well as the small and medium juicing companies that are looking for higher output of their products. Nevertheless, they are relatively costly and take more time to clean them up. If you are a raw food enthusiast, this will come in handy at all times.

Centrifugal Juicer For Health

The other equally popular type is the centrifugal juicer that has been around for a relatively long period of time. There are two different categories under this group, and you can go for the automatic ejection type, or stick with the non ejection type. Overall, the non ejection type needs you to stop once in a while and remove the pulp lest it interferes with the working of this machines.

The automatic ejection, pulp is always removed the moment vegetable or fruits are placed in juicer. You will only need to remove the pulp at the end of the juicing process. One benefit that you get with auto-reject centrifugal juicer is that it less time cleaning, compared to its counterpart which takes relatively long period.

The non ejection type of juicer is ideal for one or two persons because it’s volume is limited, and also it cannot work well when juicing wheatgrass. On the other hand, the auto-eject can be use for those juicing large volumes of fruits and vegetables.

 Hydraulic Juicers Press Fruits And Vegetables But Preserve Healthy Vitamins


If you prefer to use hydraulic press juicers, then definitely you will enjoy all the benefits that come with this kind. These are known to be versatile in many ways, and are known to extract juice in two stages, and these include the tituration stage, while the second stage is juice extraction. These two stages ensure that there is optimum extraction of nutrients and other essential minerals found in these foods. If you value high quality juice you use the hydraulic types to get the best of nutrients in fruits.



 Save Money, Get A Workout

The manual juicers do need any power source to operate-including electricity. They are just as the name implies, manual in all manner of ways. These types are pretty easy to clean, and the best thing is that they are very cheap. In fact, with only a few dollars in you pocket you can get the best brand and model. On the downside, these are limited with the kind of fruits and vegetables they can extract juice from. All in all, they come in handy when you need to get a cup of natural fresh juice.

veggie and fruit smile

 Crush And Extract Healthy Juices

The latest development in juicing is the masticating juicer, of which is great in all manner of ways. It known to have bladed that are used in crunching and extracting the juice from the fruits and vegetables. However, they are slower than the centrifugal but still offer high utility value. It is with these that you are guaranteed of less oxidation, hence better end results. Always make your choice based on your unique needs, quality or juicer, and method used to extract the juice. If you consider these, you will never go wrong.