Causes and Treatment of Bladder Pain

The bladder is located in the abdomen and it plays a major role in the urinary system. It essentially stores the urine. When passing out urine, the walls of the bladder must contract, so that urine can flow in the urethra. But, some complications of the bladder may cause pain. Here are some of the main causes of Bladder Pain:


  1. Urinary Tract Infection.  

The bladder functions best when there’s no bacteria activity. However, bacteria may pass through the urethra and lodge in the bladder. This affects the normal working of the bladder and causes an infection. One of the main symptoms of urinary tract infection is pain in the abdomen. Depending on an individual, the pain may be temporary or long standing. Women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection than men, because their urethras are way shorter than men’s. Other symptoms include a foul smell about the urine, and pressing need to urinate. Treatment of the urinary tract infection may be achieved with the following;

Drinking More Water

An increase in the amount of water intake leads to flushing out bacteria. The urinary tract infection is caused by the bacteria that lodge in the body. Water would cleanse the body of these bacteria. The result of which would be recovery. Concentrated urine is mainly acidic, and the acid has a burning effect. Therefore, water would stabilize the PH of the urine, and passing out urine wouldn’t be half as painful.

Urinating Frequently

The bladder is susceptible to bacterial attack because of its abdominal location. The region is generally in close proximity to bacteria kitchens like the bowels. And so, in order to keep it clean, you must use it frequently, by urinating constantly. The urine should wash away bacteria before they establish a colony in your bladder.


In case you have a mild infection, it is wiser to wait, because some infections last for a short time and then die out. However, if the symptoms persist, you must seek a doctor to prescribe antibiotics. And you must stick to the dose for the whole length of treatment. You must not give up the drugs even when the symptoms subside.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is notorious for its intrusive abilities. Well, cancer in the bladder oftentimes begins at the inner walls and eats its way up. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include; traces of blood in the urine, a need to always urinate despite having only little urine, and also pain in the abdomen. One of the methods to determine cancer in the bladder is by taking urine cytology; a test that involves screening of urine samples. Another process involves the doctor using a cyst scope to harvest bladder tissue and then screen it for cancerous cells. Finally, imaging tests like CT scans also are important in screening cancer cells.

Treatment of cancer depends on its stage of development. These are some of the treatment paths;


Depending on the stage of the cancer, the excision of a tumor, or part of the bladder or even the whole of the bladder would remedy the situation. But it must be done by a board certified surgical officer in order to maximize precision. Look for pain management doctors chicago if you’re ever in need of surgery.


Prescription of the appropriate drugs would be effective at eliminating the cancer. The medication would be aimed at directly fighting off the cancer or boosting up the immune system so that the body itself fights off cancer.

  1. Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis is not caused by an infection. It’s merely inflammation of the walls of the bladder. The affected person feels extreme pain when they pass out urine. The best way to diagnose IC is to perform a sample screening beneath a microscope. The treatments include;

            Bladder Distension  

This is where the doctor stretches the walls of your bladder by putting in fluids. The aim is to realign the bladder walls for optimal results.


There are foods that seem to promote Interstitial Cystitis. You must take care what goes into your body so that you mayn’t suffer any harm.


In extreme cases, then it’s perfect to go for reconstructive surgery, where the affected tissues are excised.

Pros And Cons Of Bicycling

Cycling is one of the most accessible sports that increase cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system and increases your overall health, however with this cycling does come with its own low-impact drawbacks. Cycling is also one of the better ways to stay in shape now-a-days and it also makes it very efficient way to get around for those who cannot afford a car or those who are very conscious about the earths ozone layer. We have compiled a list of pro’s and cons comparing the goods and bads of cycling and visually see which one outweighs the other.


Pros Of Cycling

Feasibilitybicycling is healthy for both the mind and body

Bicycling is one the most easiest sports to get into, and an activity that most people learn to do even as children. Even if you haven’t ridden a bike in years or what feels like forever, your muscle memory kicks in and enables you to get back onto a bike feeling like you have been riding a bike consistently for the past 10 years! To get started is also extremely easy, whether you need training wheelsor you get the hang of it from the first few go’s riding a bike is fairly simple. You just need to apply a little bit of balance and you will start feeling the ride much more naturally.

The Health Benefits Are Many

Cycling carries many health benefits that include: strengthened cardiovascular muscle, increase muscle strength and flexibility, increased joint mobility, decreased stress levels, improved coordination and posture, decrease body fat levels, increase immune system, reduced anxiety and depression.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you are one of those kinds of people that are very conscious about the earths environment and the state of the ice glaciers. Then choosing bicycling as a mode of transportation is great for you. Not only are you helping reduce emissions but you are also giving yourself a great exercise while also helping your mental mind.

Cons Of Cycling


Serious Accidents Can Happen

It is rare for those that leisurely ride around to get into an extreme accident, but these things do still happen. Accidents may involve crashing into cars, pedestrians, or just caused by going to fast and impurities on the road you are riding on. To avoid serious injuries from these kinds of accidents are to ensure that you are wearing protective gear such as a helmet – which protects one of the most important parts of your body, your head.

The fresh air outdoor rejuvinates the mindBicycle Theft Is A Real Danger

Unfortunately for the majority of us there are very bad people out there that are willing to steal anything without a doubt. Especially when they see a bike unattended they will try to steal it as bikes are valuable. However preventing your bike from being stolen is easy, you just need to buy a bike lock and attach it to something sturdy, something that is already solid to the ground. So even if the stealer were to go and rip the bike off from the lock they wont be able to since the anchor is stuck to the ground. Another method of reducing the impact of theft is renting a bike instead of buying one. When I went to San Diego I found a great place to rent bikes. Check out synaptic Cycle’s road bike rental service in Orange County if you’re ever in that area (link removed, you can’t rent there anymore, sorry)


Overall the pros of bicycling heavily outweighs the cons, as you are not only benefiting yourself but you are also benefiting the world.